Samsung DW60H9970FS Waterwall Dishwasher Highlights

Samsung’s history of innovation in TVs and smartphones also extends to other products like dishwashers. This is Samsung’s freestanding, stainless steel waterwall dishwasher. Check out these features that help you have clean and dry dishes quickly and smartly.

Clad in stainless steel, the ergonomic exterior design of the Samsung Water Wall® dishwasher offers a sophisticated look that is designed to complements any kitchen decor. A stylish display panel clearly communicates the cleaning stages – Wash, Rinse, Dry – and time remaining, so that you know when your dishes are sparkling clean and dry, with minimal time wasted waiting around.

Enjoy easy loading and unloading with the Samsung WaterWall dishwasher. The upper Gliding Rack feature has been designed to slide in and out. Whether under the strain of heavy pots and pans or cradling a delicate load of stemware, the rack pulls out smoothly.

And for busy home cooks that go through a lot of cutlery, Samsung created the Flex Tray™ for the Water Wall dishwasher. Housed on the third rack, this flexible and transportable tray offers convenience for loading and unloading.

In fact, experience greater flexibility with the WaterWall dishwasher’s Half Load setting, which allows you to fill and clean just the top or bottom zone.

Samsung’s unique Water Wall Technology can help to end the pre-rinse ritual and scrubbing off of baked on food before washing. Only Samsung offers spray bar system that harnesses the power of high pressure water, gliding a deflector back and forth to deliver a curtain of water which covers the hard to reach places of the bottom rack, where some of the dirtiest dishes often rest.

The Zone Booster setting is an intensive washing zone which provides a high pressure, high temperature wash. Group heavily soiled pots and pans on the bottom rack to the left or right, targeting them for a high pressure wash. Rest dishes and glasses on the other side for a normal wash with a lighter water stream when compared to the Zone Booster setting.

The Auto Door Open feature on the Samsung WaterWall® dishwasher helps deliver sparkling clean dishes. When the rinse and dry process is complete, the door opens about 10 centimeters to allow steam to escape. With this smart feature, there is no need to wait around for the wash cycle to end.

That’s Samsung’s water wall dishwasher, innovation, style and performance in one good looking package.

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