SAMSUNG Large Capacity Washers

Large families means more, bigger loads of washing. The average Australian family does five point 3 loads of washing per week, that’s almost one load per day! Samsung’s new range of large capacity washers tackles massive laundry tasks with a choice of either top load or front load formats. Let’s check them out.

Anyone who does the washing at home knows there’s a lot more effort involved in doing the laundry than you might imagine. Samsung’s new activ dualwash top loader washing machine is more than just a washing machine, not only does it , can this handle up to thirteen kilograms , yes thirteen kilograms of washing – that’s a lot of , bed linen,towels, sporting attire and school uniforms.

BUT this unique washing machine also has its own built-in sink and tap – yes, you heard that correctly, where you can pre-treat your washing to ensure any heavily soiled stains are targeted! You can also use this to handwash your delicates, great for those with compact laundries. The water jet starts and stops the supply of water at the press of a button, Then when you’re done, drop the pre-treated clothes into the tub and start your regular cycle.

The magic detergent dispenser’s powerful vortex dissolves powder detergent and disperses it evenly, making sure there is none left in the machine. The inbuilt heater keeps the water at a constant temperature to release dirt and grime for the best possible clean.

The drum itself uses Samsung’s wobble technology by generating a dynamic and multi-directional washing flow, to avoid your clothes from getting tangled.  The machine is powered by Samsung’s digital inverter technology, using strong magnets for less noise and long term product durability. It can also reach spin speeds of up to one thousand Revs per minute exceptional for top loaders.

Other additional features include Samsung’s Magic filter, that catches lint and traps it in a special filter, this is positioned at the water level in order to filter the lint during the wash cycle.  The lint filter is easy to clean, by simply taking it out and rinsing.

The biggest washer in the Samsung new range is  a monster sixteen kilograms front loader, that can handle the equivalent to a team of Wallabies jerseys, on a selected wash cycle. This Extra Extra large  capacity washer features a bright eight inch colour LCD display that makes choosing your wash cycle a dream, delivering information on program options, settings and the current progress of your wash cycle!

And for those wet winter days when drying your washing is impossible, or if you live in an apartment that doesn’t have a clothesline, this machine can also dry up to eight kilograms. This is really convenient for drying bedding, towels or that outfit you want to wear last minute!

Lastly, this machine has smart technology with wi-fi, allowing you to  remotely control and monitor your washing machine from nearly anywhere, via your smartphone! Simply download the Samsung Smart Home app. For example, you can set an alarm to alert you when your wash cycle is complete, a great reminder for those with busy lifestyles!

That’s a taste of Samsung’s new ultra-capacity laundry range – smart, innovative, efficient and stylish,  providing you with the best care and clean possible!!.

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