Fitbit Product Range at Bing Lee

Here at Bing Lee, we’re excited to have the Fitbit range of fitness trackers in store now! Fitbit isn’t just about the amount of steps you take every day. Fitbit helps you monitor all of your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep – so you’ll stay motivated and see how small steps will make a big impact. Let’s see how the trackers work with the app to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

First we have the Flex, a slim, stylish device that will give you all the motivation you need to get out and be more active. Tracking steps, distance and calories burned, the row of LED lights show you how you’re stacking up against your daily goals, each light representing 20 percent of your daily goal. Then at night it tracks your sleep cycle, helping you learn how to sleep better and will even wake you silently in the morning.

Your Fitbit Flex doesn’t need to be tied to your smartphone 24/7 either – it will store up to 7 days of detailed data and up to 30 days of daily totals. So whether or not you have your phone in your pocket or at home, your Fitbit Flex will be tracking your movement.

The Fitbit Charge is a high performance wristband that delivers real-time fitness stats right on your wrist. The bright OLED display shows you steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned and more. You can glance at your wrist when your phone rings to see who is calling with the caller ID display feature. Like the Flex, the Charge will track your sleep and wake you with a silent, vibrating alarm so only you are woken up.

The Fitbit trackers work in tandem with the Fitbit app that is available on many iPhone, Android and Windows phones. It’s a powerful app that not only takes the data from your FitBit tracker but also helps visualise your daily fitness goals and enable sharing and competing.

You can set your goals on the Fitbit dashboard and track your progress through easy to read graphs and charts. You’ll also earn badges that reward step-based activities, floors climbed and weight goals that you can show off to your friends. And why not get them involved too, by sharing your stats and starting a group challenge. Then use the leaderboard to stay on track and use the friendly competition as extra encouragement.

The Fitbit app can also log your eating habits as well as workouts and weight. The more info you log, the more detailed analysis of your health and fitness progress Fitbit can give back to you.

Other models in the range Bing Lee carry include the pocket-ready Zip, the belt-clip ready One and the Aria smart scale that tracks weight, BMI, body fat and more, and recognises up to 8 different profiles on board, and keeps them private. The Aria data syncs back to your Fitbit app for goal setting and tracking.

As you can see Fitbit’s devices, dashboard and app work together to deliver a complete, connected and fun fitness experience. And now with multi-device support, your app will automatically detect when you swap from one device to another, making it simple to use your favourite Fitbit device for any occasion! So get on board now and start hitting those fitness goals!

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