FUJITSU Air Conditioner Range

Whether you need an air conditioning solution for a small bedroom or large living space, Fujitsu’s combination of technology and design provides an effective and efficient way to keep you and your family comfortable.

Bing Lee carry two ranges, the lifestyle range and the designer range. The Lifestyle range is a stylish, standardised design so all the air conditioners can have a consistent look and feel throughout the home. These are the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujitsu have designed.

The Designer range has a sleek, modern finish, a genuine style leader. The combination of stylish looks and intelligent features makes them a leader in both form and function.

Of course, both ranges share a multitude of features to make your living area cool and comfortable.

The indoor units are stylish and compact, so they can exist in the living area without being obtrusive. Their high energy efficiency means the room can be cooled effectively and quickly.

The human sensor control detects the movement of people in a room and adjusts its operating mode to save energy consumption. It continues with normal operation when the room is occupied, and the energy saving mode kicks into action when the room is left unoccupied for twenty minutes. Normal operation resumes when someone re-enters the room.

Fujitsu air conditioners are all about comfort and convenience. You can tailor your comfort needs at the touch of a button. When cooling, it uses a long reach horizontal air flow to maximise its reach across the whole area. In heating mode, it switches to a vertical floor level airflow to get the heat where it’s needed most.

The low noise mode is great for situations where the outdoor unit is close to neighbours. On nights where you need to use your Fujitsu air conditioner, press the low noise button on the remote to bring the outdoor unit noise down by three decibels, making sure you and your neighbours sleep soundly at night.

Finally, the weekly schedule timer lets you set and forget a daily timer so you can come home to a comfortable environment each day of the week.

That’s the Fujitsu range of air conditioners – energy efficient, innovative and modern.


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