Panasonic Smart Home Feature Highlights

Wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor and control your home whenever you want, from wherever you are? Now you can with the new home monitoring system from Panasonic. Simple to connect, with a range of outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, motion sensors, door sensors and smart plugs, your home has never been so secure and with no monthly fees!

With simple wi-fi connection, this easy-to-set-up home monitoring and home automation system allows you to remotely activate lights and other appliances in your home, as well as check out what’s going on in and around your home at any time. You can actually create a smart plug schedule to turn devices on and off, and view a record of smart plug power consumption.

With one push pairing, setting up the Panasonic home monitoring system couldn’t be simpler. It easily communicates with any components such as the door and window sensors, and the hub can take a micro SD card to record images and vision from the cameras installed. With clear two way communication, you can even have the ability to remotely speak through the cameras. Featuring advanced DECT technology, this system has an uninterrupted range of up to 300 metres. You can register up to 4 cameras and 50 sensors or smartplugs.

You can use the sensors around your home on windows and doors, even in the cameras themselves, to trigger camera recording, call a preset phone number or notify you on your smartphone. Or you can use the sensors with a smartplug to turn on a light, for example, when you walk through the hallway in the middle of the night. Smartplugs can also be programmed to activate when your smartphone reconnects with your wi-fi router, for example when you return home in the evening a lamp can turn on in the front passageway or lounge room.

With remote operation from any smartphone or tablet via Panasonic’s home network app, you can control and keep an eye on your home from wherever you may be. And if anything does happen, you’ll be alerted immediately.

As you can see, Panasonic’s range of home monitoring and automation products are easily to use and provide peace of mind and control no matter where you are.

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