SwannOne Home Security Highlights

SwannOne is an integrated smart home and security solution. One simple application and one central device offers a range services including recordable video monitoring, alarms, and automated appliances. You can add sensors and cameras as you need, making it easy to customise and control your home from anywhere.

So how does it work? First, connect your smart hub to a power outlet and to your router using the included ethernet cable. Batteries are already inside devices such as key fobs and door sensors, just make sure the battery tab has been pulled out to activate them. Also plug your Cameras into a power outlet.

You also need a SwannOne account. You’ll use this to control and manage your SwannOne devices and services. It’s then a cinch to log in, set up your hub and camera and pair all your devices. When you download the SwannOne App for iphone or Android phones, you can receive alerts, watch what’s going on and much more.

You can also move your smart hub to another part of the room to ensure connection to all your different sensors and cameras – just make sure it’s within wireless connection range to your wireless router.

And check this out – SwannOne listens and learns with state of the art audio analytic technology. It has microphones in the smart hub, sensors and cameras that can recognise windows breaking, a baby crying and other important sounds. You can then decide how SwannOne responds – with an alert, start recording video, or activate a siren.

Here are some of the individual components that you can add to your SwannOne system. Some of these come bundled in various packages as well.

The soundview indoor camera has night vision, can detect motion and stream video to your smartphone. The outdoor camera does all that and is also weather resistant. The window/door sensor not only detects entry but also temperature changes. The motion sensor detects movement and room temperature.

The keyfob has buttons that let you activate the different modes of your system, home, away,, sleep and a customised setting. The keyfob can be allocated to a family member so you know when they have arrived home.

The Smart Plug can remotely control and schedule electrical devices that are plugged into it, and also monitor energy usage. This gives you more control over appliance usage and could help save money on your power bill.

In addition to the alerts and recordings that can be triggered by an event, the SwannOne siren deters intruders with a loud siren and flashing strobe.

No matter which SwannOne kit you start off with, you can expand on your original system with these different components, with easy pairing and quick and painless setup.

That’s smarter security with SwannOne.

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