Think Smarter, Not Harder when it comes to Floorcare!

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The floors in your house are one of the most heavily used items in the home. The daily bustle of feet and shoes, pet paws and furniture movements mean they are under constant wear and tear and will be the first to build up with dirt and grime. Leaving your floors dirty for too long can cause scratches, discolouration and ground-in dirt will ruin your floors. To keep them clean, looking their best and lasting the distance it’s important to think smarter not harder about your floor care.


LegoIt seems obvious but a quick scoot around the house to pick up larger objects like coins, bobby pins or even Lego can go a long way in a streamlined clean. This step is often skipped by many and done on the fly as the vacuum cleaner moves from room to room. This can result in a lot of wasted time picking up items while the vacuum is running. Or it will mean some unwanted items are sucked up the vacuum and may clog or damage the machine… or even worse it will result in you fossicking around the dust chamber to retrieve that pesky bit of Lego.


LG AeroscienceThe most important step with any floor care routine is effective dust removal. Dust and pet hair can be a major cause for allergens in the house. It is also important to remove all dirt before mopping to ensure you aren’t simply moving the bigger chunks of dust and debris around your home. AEROSCIENCE is the name given to LG’s air flow vacuum technology that utilises powerful mini whirlwinds of air to separate out dust particles. The LG Inverter Motor rotates at high speed, creating rapid air flow inside the vacuums cyclone chambers. Meaning you’ll get all that troublesome dust up quickly and efficiently.


Furniture legs

To avoid bumping the vacuum cleaner into your furniture you can use a clean paintbrush to remove dirt and hair away from the legs of furniture to make vacuuming around difficult objects easier.



Mopping technology has come a long way to make our lives so much easier. No longer will you need a separate clunky mop and bucket to finish off after the vacuuming, with the LG CordZero® A9 Ultimate you’ll reduce your cleaning time by vacuuming and mopping at the same time. The mopping head can be filled with water and the machine automatically adds water to the two rotating mop pads every six to eight seconds, depending on the setting.


Height adjustable LG

Having a device which will allow for altering the length of the vacuum reach with ease is not only a massive time saver but an accessible option for anyone needing it. The LG CordZero range has a telescopic pipe adjustable to 4 different lengths for added versatility. This option means you can clean stairs and harder to reach places easier, and it is also great for people of all heights or those who may use a wheelchair. Plus, the Opti-balanced Handle has been ergonomically designed to provide comfort and reduce muscle effort while vacuuming.

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