Kitchen Christmas Gift Ideas From Breville

Mother and daughter having fun while making Christmas cookies.

The most loved room in any home is by far the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home and where many of us spend a lot of our time. For good reason it makes sense to equip our kitchens with the finest and smartest appliances in to make our daily routine stress-free and enjoyable. When you look closely you’ll find elements of every individual in the household in one kitchen. From the appliances to the utensils – the items we place in our kitchen help us to pursue the lives we want to live. So, if you’re looking for Christmas gifts ideas for you or someone else, we’ve got a Breville kitchen item for every personality.


Breville - 3X_bluicer

We need to acknowledge and fully embrace the smoothie movement. Smoothie making is incredibly popular for a number of reasons – they taste great, it is a good way of sneaking in fruit and vegetables we (or our kids) wouldn’t normally eat, they are a perfect cool summer drink, and they are a great addition to a healthy diet. The Breville 3X Bluicer Pro is one of the hottest Christmas gift items on the market because of its sheer versatility. This high performance blender juicer features Breville’s Kinetix® contoured blade & bowl system and a 88mm extra wide chute. With Cold Spin Technology®, 5 one-touch programs and 10 precision speed control, you can extract fresh juice straight into a high capacity 1.5 litre blender jug and create delicious fresh, slushies, smoothies, cocktails and much more.


Breville - smartovenairfry

Sometimes you need an item that can prepare all the food on a fussy eaters menu. This will be the answer to a lot of fussy food frustrations. The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer has 10 cooking functions to guide you to perfection: Toast 6 slices, Crumpet, Grill, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Airfry, Reheat and Slow Cook for long cook times, at low temperatures. When all you want is warm crispy chips, the Smart Oven Air Fryer can turn out guilt-free french fries, chicken wings, family favourites using higher temperatures combined with super convection (maximised air flow) to deliver delicious, crispy golden air fried foods.



A barista will quickly tell you the most important ingredient to deliver an amazing espresso is to use fresh beans and to grind them as close to the time of use as possible. To get the best result it’s best to limit the time between grinding and extraction to seconds, not minutes. That’s why the Breville Barista Express™ espresso machine is a coffee lover’s dream. The in-built conical burr grinder allows you to grind only what you need directly into the porta filter. It’s fully adjustable in grind size and dose, so you can tweak to taste. The patented Razor™ dosing tool trims the puck for consistent extraction, while PID digital temperature control delivers accurate water temperature throughout the extraction.


Breville - Bakery Boss

The talented baker in the household will adore the Breville Bakery Boss Stand Mixer for Christmas; plus, giving this as a gift almost entirely guarantees an increase in tasty baked goods available to sample in the future. This heavy duty mixer does all the hard work for you. Using the glass bowl you can witness the effect of the 1200 watt torque motor and 100% metal gears take charge of even the heaviest dough and batters. The Bakery Boss® replicates the same planetary mixing action as commercial mixers with a counter-clockwise mixing head and anti-clockwise sweeping action of wide attachments to ensure 360 degrees coverage of the entire bowl. Breville’s revolutionary double scraper beater wipes the sides and bottom of the bowl with every turn. Not only does it leave ingredients aerated and mixed better, but there’s now no need to stop and scrape down the bowl with a spatula.


Breville - meal prepper

In our fast paced lifestyles, the option to plan ahead and ‘meal prep’ is fast becoming a popular approach to the weekly meals. This is when a slow cooker comes in handy – and it can be used all year round from winter to summer. The Breville Combination Pressure and Slow Cooker The Fast Slow Pro, is the perfect gift for any dedicated meal prepper. The ‘Fast Slow Pro’ is a multi-cooker that can pressure and slow cook menus and automatically adjust time, temperature and pressure between fast and slow cooking. Dual sensors at the top and bottom monitor ingredients for more accurate temperature and pressure control, while the hands free steam release automatically varies across foods to maximise flavour and texture. So now you can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, reduce, saute and sear with the press of a button and you can rely on the fully interactive LCD to tell you when its building pressure, cooking and releasing steam.



Cooking with steam is one of the healthiest ways to make a meal. It is great for sealing in flavours, moisture and nutrients. This is why a Breville steamer is a great gift for the person who loves to cook and eat cleanly. Breville’s fully BPA free stainless steel Steam Zone™ produces maximum steam in less than 30 seconds which enables home cooks to steam more effectively and efficiently. Providing powerful single layer steaming with independent zones, it is compatible with traditional style bamboo baskets for yum cha inspired dishes. It is perfect for rapid steaming a whole fish or different veggies with a synchronised finish, maximising, taste, texture and health benefits.

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