How Do Sensor Dryers Work?

With the cost of energy and impact on the environment, the idea of a clothes dryer that senses moisture and adjusts accordingly is simple yet brilliantly innovative. Not only will there be reductions in your energy bills and carbon footprint, but the shorter drying times will certainly help make your day go more smoothly. There are several ways that these dryers detect moisture. The first way is simply by measuring the temperature. The idea is that, when dry, the temperature will rise to a certain point, which the dryer takes as its cue to shut off. While this can be an effective solution in many cases, it can be unreliable depending on the load contained in the dryer, since smaller loads may allow the temperature to rise before becoming completely dry. The second way is just as simple and works by weighing the clothes. Moisture has mass so wet clothes are heavier than when they’re dry. After the weight reaches a certain point, the dryer shuts off. However, while the dryer weighs the clothes beforehand, it doesn’t particularly have any way of knowing how heavy the clothes are when dry. That means a false estimation of the weight when dry could possibly cause the dryer to end its cycle prematurely or continue it longer than needed. The final and most reliable moisture detection system is more complicated. Put simply, it works by sending an electrical current through the clothes and measuring the level of resistance. The reason this works is because water is a good conductor of electricity, so the wetter the clothes, the easier it is for a current to pass through them. This is currently the most effective method because it senses moisture in a much more direct way than the other two. This is still not foolproof as different fabrics can still conduct electricity differently and confuse the sensor. However, even when the dryer has determined that the clothes are dry, you can typically specify an additional amount of drying time to make sure. With a little bit of time and experience with your moisture sensing dryer, you’ll be able to find out what amount of additional drying time works best for your wardrobe.

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