Asus F202 Windows 8 Touchscreen Notebook

The new F202 Windows 8 notebook from Asus is a great example of a full Windows 8 experience at an affordable price. Let’s take a closer look.

The F202 is only 2.1 centimetres in height, and weighs 1.3 kilos, making it a device that you can definitely take with you anywhere in a small bag or satchel. The design is inspired by the aluminium casing of the Zenbook series for a premium look and feel. The sides are lined with a shiny metallic finish to highlight the various ports available, and the front is slightly extended for easier lid opening.

On the right hand side we have an SD card slot, microphone and mic input, USB 2 port and VGA port. On the opposite side we have the power supply socket, full sized ethernet port, HDMI output, USB 3 port, USB 2 port and a Kensington lock.

Opening the lid and we see the island keyboard set deep in the base surrounded by more smart looking metallic surfaces. Below the keyboard is a single panel touchpad, which can be used to control the Windows 8 environment. For example, swipe in from right for charms, in from the left for apps and from the top for additional features..

The multi-touch screen panel is a thirteen sixty six by seven sixty eight pixel resolution, providing a crisp eleven point six inch display. Above the screen is a webcam for use in video chat applications.

The F202 is powered by a 1.1 GHz Intel Celeron chip with enough grunt to get through all your basic daily activities like email, web browsing and using Windows 8 apps. The integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics provides additional power to make your movie and video viewing a pleasure as well.

The F202 comes with 320GB of storage on board, so you’ll have plenty of space to fit your documents, photos, music and movies so you can be entertained on the go. And when you want to share the items on your F202, you’ll be able to simply connect to a flat panel TV with a HDMI cable using the HMDI output. Transferring files to and from is ultra fast as well, with the USB 3 super speed port providing up to ten times the speed of a USB 2 connection.

Whether you’re at home or out and about, the wireless connection on the F202 lets you stay up to date and in contact using the wireless b, g, and n standards.

Having a touch screen on such an affordable notebook is a great feature, as you’re able to use Windows 8 to its fullest, with pinching, zooming, swiping to change apps, and selecting hyperlinks.

Asus have also included their own set of apps to kick you off as well, including a world clock, scientific calculator, measurement converter, webcam software, and customised power settings, all designed to help you get more out of your F202 notebook.

If you’re unsure how to use Windows 8, there’s no need to fret. Asus have even included an on board Tutor to help you get started on the basics, and soon you’ll be using Windows 8 like a Pro.

Whether you’re a student or need an affordable notebook for work and play on the go, the F202 from Asus with touch screen and Windows 8 is definitely one to consider.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store or purchase online right now.

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