Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 Tablet

Superseded by the new Samsung Galaxy 3 range

The new Galaxy Tab2 10.1 is now in stores, and we’ve got one here to see what’s in the box and to take a closer look at Samsung’s latest Android tablet offering.

When we lift the lid off the box, we see the Tab2 10.1 with its plastic protective sticker. Lifting up the cardboard Tab, we can see the power supply, australian adapter, and USB cable. Over here we have the quick start guide and underneath is a set of personal headphones with different sized ear buds to help fit most ears.

This Tab2 10.1 weighs in at 581 grams, is easy enough to hold in one hand, and is 9.7 millimeters thin. The natural way to hold this tablet is in the landscape mode.

It keeps its ports to a minimum, with the proprietary connection underneath used for both USB and PC connection, and for recharging via the power supply. There’s no buttons on either side, and the top area contains the power button, volume toggler, microSD card slot and headphone jack.

The back of the unit contains a 3 megapixel camera, and the front has a VGA camera for video chat services. At the front we also find the speakers for a front firing audio experience. As we know most tablets have the speakers at the bottom or at the back, so it’s good to see these have been placed where it makes most sense.

The screen is a 10.1 inch 1280 by 800 TFT LCD, and is powered by a 1GHz dual core processor. It uses N wireless for fast internet access and Bluetooth for connection to keyboards and other wireless devices.

Samsung have made a few tweaks to the Android 4 operating system to make it easy to find and consume content, as well as commonly used apps.

The S suggest app looks at popular apps on the Google Play network and suggests hot apps for you to try based on your app usage. You can even log in via facebook to see if your friends are suggesting or liking any apps. It’s another way to discover content and apps that you may not have otherwise. The S suggest also filters the apps to ensure they are compatible with your device.

All share play is another app that lets you take advantage of any DLNA-compatible device in your home. For example, you can push Tab2 movies to your big screen TV, or watch content that is on your PC.

Samsung hubs help you manage your content into easy to remember areas. Games Hub for gaming, Readers Hub for eBooks, and Music Hub for music.

Samsung’s Live Panel reveals commonly used tools for instant access no matter what you’re doing, like calculator, alarm, music player and task manager, making it even easier to multitask.

Being a Google Android device, you can customise your home page with widgets to deliver live feeds of your choice, such as weather, news, email and finance updates right there on the screen.

Audio and video format support is also quite extensive, with audio in MP3, FLAC, WAV and WMA, and video in MP4, WMV, MKV and AVI among the formats that can be played back without a third party app.

Samsung also include a heap of localised content as well, such as Channel 10, Reading Eggs, Quickflix, Good Food Guide and Magshop which has access to a huge range of Australian digital magazines. Of course, there is access to the Google Play marketplace as well for your own choice of apps.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1 makes it easy and fun to consume your favourite content, and with heaps of Australian produced content and smarts to use with your existing devices at home, it’s a great option for your mobile lifestyle.

So come on in to your nearest Bing Lee store or purchase online right now.

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