Simpson Brings You the Best in Performance and Affordability

As a member of the Electrolux appliance family, the Simpson brand has long been associated with high quality and affordability. Did you know that every second of every day, two appliances in the Electrolux group of brands are sold? That simple fact bears testament to the forward thinking and efficient production technologies that make Simpson one of the most sought-after brands in Australia.

Simplicity of Design, Timeless Appeal

Simpson strives to keep the design of each and every product it produces simple. Just one look at a Simpson washing machine or dryer will give you an idea of the timeless appeal of every appliance this renowned manufacturer offers. Whether you use a Simpson for 10 years or 100, you won’t have to wonder whether or not it will fit into your home’s constantly evolving colour themes and styles. A Simpson appliance will fit in just as well in a cosy, old-fashioned cottage or an ultra-modern apartment in the heart of the city.

Outstanding Functionality

Simpson Appliances are built to perform. A Simpson washing machine does what it is supposed to do. The controls are totally straightforward and user-friendly, which means you won’t have to read a manual to know how to use it. The greatest benefit that you’ll enjoy when you buy a Simpson is the peace of mind that you are getting more than your money’s worth. You’ll never have to wonder if you paid for a lot of features you are never going to use.

Fairness in Pricing

When you’re looking for an appliance that fits into your budget, it can be hard not to get cynical and start thinking that every appliance manufacturer is just out to separate you from your money. Like every brand in the Electrolux group, Simpson is priced with you in mind. You’ll never pay more than what an appliance is truly worth.

Wide Selection

Here at Bing Lee, we want to make things easier for you. To help you get an appliance that’s perfect for you, we have a wide selection of Simpson washing machines so that you can buy a size that isn’t too small or too large. If you can’t find an appliance that is just right for your individual needs, we aren’t happy. Our goal is to offer you the greatest products at the most competitive prices. Come in to see us today, or chat right now to one of our friendly online product specialists to get a great deal.

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