Top Features of Modern Washing Machines

The washing machine is a cornerstone of everyday life. While there are some appliances that you may not use for extended periods, nobody gets away with not using their washing machine for very long without others noticing! While getting your clothes clean used to take up the better part of a day, modern washing machines come with a variety of features that are instrumental in keeping you looking and feeling fresh every day.

Digital/Touch Screen Displays

No longer do we have to fiddle around with a switchboard of dials and gauges like an antique radio operator to get the washing done. Modern washing machines come with intuitive and easy-to-use displays to specify exactly what kind of wash we need and a whole host of information about the current load, from water temperature to time remaining in the cycle.

Variable Speed Settings

A great idea to tailor your wash to your needs, faster spin cycles will deliver a more intensive wash for hardy clothes and tough stains. Alternatively, reduce your spin cycles for fabrics that require a more delicate touch.

Steam Washing

Some models include a steam wash function, which can prove much more effective at removing tough stains and odours than traditional wash settings. Beyond that, steam washing delivers powerful sanitising potential. It also helps to even out creases, saving time on ironing. If you often find yourself with a large load of heavily soiled clothes, this is a must-have feature.

Automatic Temperature Control

Essential for improving energy efficiency, automatic temperature control guarantees the right temperature for every wash. Adjusting it manually is also possible, whether you prefer the most efficient wash or need to make sure your clothes are fully sanitised.


Simply common sense engineering, washers and dryers go together like pencil and paper. Washing machines that include a dryer make the washing process incredibly streamlined. With no need to transfer your clothes to another machine or take them outside, clean clothes are now a one-step action. Combined with the time delay setting on many models, it’s possible to leave for work in the morning and come home to a batch of fresh clothes ready for a night out.

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