Smeg Delivers Technology with Style

Now one of the largest appliance manufacturers in Europe, Smeg got its start in a humble workshop in Guastalla, Reggio Emilia, Italy in 1948. Founder Vittorio Bertazzoni chose the name Smeg because it is an acronym for the phrase Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastall, which refers to the company’s first function: serving as a metal enamelling factory.

When Bertazzoni decided to begin manufacturing appliances in his workshop, he wanted his products to stand out from others that were already on the market. To ensure his success and help him to reach this goal, he hired two successful Italian architects, Guido Canali and Renzo Piano, to design his new product lineup. At this time, appliances were designed only with their utility in mind, and so, when Smeg’s stylish models emerged on the market, they created an international stir.

From that time onward, Smeg has continued to place a heavy emphasis on the appearance of the brand’s products. Using the motto “technology with style,” Smeg promotes the idea that a homeowner does not have to sacrifice the appearance of their kitchen to have a truly functional space. To this end, all of Smeg’s products are visually appealing but also built with smart features that make them useful in modern homes.

While Smeg has grown to become a highly recognisable, influential brand and to have locations across the globe, the corporation remains private and family-owned. Currently, it is run by CEO and Chairman Roberto Bertazzoni. Now a multinational company, Smeg has a headquarters in Banksmeadow, New South Wales, and has registered service agents for its products located throughout Australia.

As an added service to customers, Smeg offers cooking classes to the public in Melbourne, Sydney and Dudley Park, South Australia. Those who can’t fit a cooking class into their busy schedules can also find a variety of fun recipes to try on the brand’s official website.

One area of appliances in which Smeg excels is ovens and cookers. The majority of Smeg’s ovens feature a special covering over their interior cavities known as Thermoseal. This seal prevents air from the kitchen from entering the oven, which keeps the food being baked inside more moist and juicy. The Thermoseal is one of the major features of the Smeg SAC399X-8 60cm Classic Vapour Clean Single Oven, a popular model in the brand’s oven range.

In keeping with the brand’s emphasis on the beauty of appliances, the unit features sleek lines, modern embellishments and a handsome triple-glazed door. Smeg’s cooking appliance collection also includes cooktops, range hoods and microwave ovens like the Smeg SA985-2CX Convection Microwave Oven that also doubles as a convection cooker. To complete the kitchen, Smeg produces dishwashers in freestanding, semi-integrated and fully-integrated styles.

Smeg is very well known for its fine quality, wall-installed coffee makers that brew up coffee, espresso and cappuccino that can rival the cafes in Italy. The brand also makes a full line of refrigerators, including a colourful collection that is based on the look of iceboxes and fridges from the 1950s and 1960s.

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