Samsung UA65JS9000 S-UHD TV Highlights

This is the ultimate in Samsung viewing technology – Samsung’s curved, SUHD TV, available now in a 65 inch screen. The SUHD TV is Samsung’s most advanced Television yet, with Nano Crystal technology offering colours, contrast and brightness that takes Ultra High Definition entertainment to different heights.

The subtly curved screen is designed to have an immediate impact in setting a design statement in your home, with a modern aesthetic that would enhance virtually any living space. The One Connect box provides a separate hub for your inputs so there’s minimal clutter surrounding your TV. This box also helps you keep pace with developing Samsung Smart TV and Smart Hub features.

But more than that, the images you view on the screen have an immersive and panoramic feel. Samsung’s own Nano Crystal technology provides more colours than previous Samsung TV models, delivering stunning and detailed images.

In fact, your favourite content can shine with brightness and vibrancy. Peak Illuminator technology precisely controls the LEDs behind the screen, boosting light levels in bright areas so that scenes can display with great punch and impact. Details in dark and shadowy scenes are also revealed with SUHD, with Precision Black Pro to produce deep blacks for great contrast and superb detail in dark scenes, making it an amazing viewing experience.

Samsung UHD, or ultra high definition, delivers amazing, detailed images that you seriously won’t believe your eyes. With four times the pixels of a Samsung full high definition LED screen, SUHD images can be so sharp that you may feel like you’re part of the story.

So let’s check out what this TV delivers aside from just a superb viewing experience. Samsung’s new Smart Hub makes it easy to find apps, watch live TV, or scroll through recently accessed content, all with the  clicks of the remote.

The icons that come up at the bottom of the screen give you the freedom to browse through your apps without having to give up the main portion of the screen. You can then dive into Netflix, iView, Youtube or other content based apps for big screen streaming.

Of course none of this would be possible or work and look this great if it weren’t for the octa-core processor that drives this Samsung SUHD TV. Apps, menus and content load quickly and smoothly with the latest Samsung TV processor technology.

That’s Samsung’s Curved SUHD TV – Samsung’s best television yet, and you need to see it to believe it.

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