PANASONIC Air Conditioners

From the moment you walk into your home you want to be comfortable, in both summer and winter and Panasonic’s New range of Air conditioners have a host of features to deliver that comfort.

Panasonic air conditioners are super efficient, thanks to Panasonic inverter. The inverter technology means once the desired temperature has been reached the air conditioning unit constantly adjusts the unit’s output to provide optimum comfort and reducing power consumption.

The new i-Auto X  feature enables significantly faster cooling using the new p-tech technology, allowing the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in the shortest possible time from start up.

The new aerowings design incorporates two independent blades that concentrate airflow to cool you and your personal space in the shortest possible time. And better yet, after reaching the set temperature, the aerowings direct the air up towards the ceiling to create a shower cooling effect as the cool air drifts gently down to control the ambient room temperature. This indirect airflow helps prevent the overcooling of people in the room, creating a more comfortable experience.

Econavi is a smart sensor technology which uses 5 detection methods to effectively cool the environment. It does an area search, detects when people are around, how much they are moving around, the amount of sunlight in the room, and the temperature wave. These 5 individual sensors work together to constantly adjust the unit output, giving you the perfect comfort while consuming as little power as possible.

Panasonic air conditioners also deliver cleaner air in your home, with over 50 percent of homes having someone who suffers from asthma, allergies or hayfever. Nano G technology removes and deactivates ninety nine percent of viruses, bacteria and mould in the air and on surfaces around your home.

That’s the New Panasonic range of air conditioners. Cleaner air, faster cooling and energy savings.

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